Probably the first and most significant decision I made after graduating from high school was to pursue an Accounting major, as known as the business language. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Accounting in Mongolia, I was able to work as a Sales Accountant for MCS International Group, one of the largest international group companies in Mongolia for one year. The experience was priceless, including a great work ethic mainly related to accountants in real-world and personal disciplines. However, my unquenchable desire to create new ideas, and my eagerness to learn new things eventually led me to a Marketing career. It has been a great blessing to have both accounting and marketing knowledge in hand. Out of all marketing careers, I’m particularly interested in Brand Marketing & Digital Marketing. I’m a resourceful and flexible individual with the core values of integrity, accountability, perseverance, hard work, and humility. 

Besides being a full-time student, I’m currently working in the Human Resources Department in Polynesian Cultural Center /PCC/, the Hawaiian number one paid tourist attraction, as a Student Clerk. The PCC is a non-profit organization that supports international students from all over the world to get an education that otherwise they can not afford due to their financial circumstances. Since PCC has over a thousand employees, and its employee turnover rate is being very high, we receive about 50 job applications every single day. When I first realized the period between receiving applications and contacting the applicants was around seven days, I reduced the days down to two days. It reduced the lost opportunity costs and dramatically increased the productivity of all the other departments. I pay attention to details, which enables me to know what needs to be improved. 


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